Ohio OUI/OVI Lawyers

DUI?  OVI?  You’ve heard them all, but now you are looking at a ticket wondering what to do. You believe the entire world knows you’ve been arrested and fear the local paper will have your name in giant letters across the front page. We are here to help.

For most people charged with DUI/OVI, it will be the first and only time they will be arrested. They are confused, scared and embarrassed. They worry about when they might be able to drive again; how they will get to work, how they will get the kids to and from school, and how they will handle navigating day-to-day life. They wonder if they will go to jail. They question how much it will cost. With twenty years of experience, Attorney Todd Petersen is uniquely suited to answer these questions.

We first look at each and every case to see if it can be defended. Was there a basis for the stop? Did the officer have sufficient cause to prolong the stop and ask the client to perform field sobriety tests? Were those tests administered correctly? How did the client perform? Was there a basis for the arrest? Was the breath, blood or urine test administered and analyzed according to the law? The answers we find determine whether we are able to challenge the admissibility of certain evidence or outright defend the case. Other times, our investigation will lead to the inescapable conclusion that the entire process was properly completed. In that case, we will work to mitigate the long-term impact by way of plea negotiations.

Petersen & Petersen prides itself on another aspect of our representation:  As members of the community, we recognize the significance of impaired driving. That being the case, we strive to connect those in need with the resources necessary to assess, understand and address substance abuse issues. We’ve built a strong network of resources and take our role in this regard very seriously.

We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.

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